Top-Quality  Waterproofing Services With A

10-Year Guarantee

Below and above-the-ground solutions for insulation and waterproofing

of roofs, appoggi, terraces, balconies, building facades, tree planters and wells. 



waterproofing roller

Liquid Membrane

Long-lasting, cost-effective and non-slip liquid membrane to fill in evenly any cracks on roofs, terraces, balconies or other exposed surfaces from where water can infiltrate. The liquid membrane can be reinforced with a fibre mesh and is available in various colours such as white, grey, green and others. 

NAICI waterproofing

NAICI Waterproofing

As certified installers by the Waterproofing Association, we primarily trust NAICI professional products from the Resin and Membrane Centre for their expert solutions. With their trusted product line, we're confident in providing a 10-year warranty for both our workmanship and the products. No matter the problem, we have waterproofing solutions you can count on.

fibreglass mesh roll waterproofing

Fibreglass Waterproofing

If you have deteriorated gutters, balconies or roof surfaces, this type of fibreglass-reinforced waterproofing method is the perfect choice for you.  Consisting of a flexible and self-adhesive waterproofing membrane you’ll get impeccable strength, lower maintenance and easy handling.

cementitious membrane

Cementitious Membrane

For maximum protection, we can apply  cement-based membrane to really create an effective waterproof barrier. This waterproofing method is a combination of cement and synthetic emulsion polymer, being a waterproofing agent, which is then reinforced with a fibre mesh. Ideal to apply under tiles of terraces, yards, bathrooms, roofs and other surfaces. A definite lifesaver for apartment blocks!

waterproofing carpet


Is your roof leaking or mould has driven you up the walls? Leave it in our hands to repair and apply the right waterproofing solution to keep your property protected all year round from the different types of external elements.

carpet waterproofing

Carpet Membrane

Applying this type of membrane as a roof membrane is ideal for a strong and flexible finished surface that’s water-resistant. This type of bituminous waterproofing compound is also ideal to keep away humidity and heat from your building. Plus, it’s available in different colours to complement your property’s look.

Our Waterproofing Process

Want to remove old, damaged waterproofing? Our easy and straightforward process guarantees you a hassle-free life for 10-years.


Acid-based Cleaning

Any old paint and formation of moss is removed with thorough cleaning, using acid.


Scratching of the Surface

The entire roof or other deteriorated surface is scratched using special equipment to make it completely smooth and easier for the waterproofing material to be applied evenly.


Removal of any Cracks

Any fissures and expansion joints are opened and cleaned for effective results when applying the primer.


Before applying the liquid membrane, the surface is painted with a primer and left to dry so that the waterproofing compound seals.


Applying a Special Compound

We make use of a special joint sealing compound and reinforce the fissures with a special mesh on top of them to accommodate any natural movement of the premises.


Applying the Liquid Membrane

After the first application of liquid membrane, a fibreglass mesh is laid and sealed with another layer of liquid membrane. Everything is left to dry completely for 1-2 days.


Choosing the Liquid Membrane Colour

To finalise the process, the liquid membrane is applied several times. First, under and on top of the fibre mesh, and is left to dry for a day. Then three more layers of the liquid membrane are applied in any colour you wish such as white, grey, green, beige, pink or others.